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Who does not love bubbles and how about thousands of bubbles? The Khmer cloud machine makes a constant stream of thousands of bubbles. Just by combining soap and helium the machine can make various bubbles which take different colors as they pop out. So, why bother with this device? Well, the Khmer cloud machine is the change that we need. Let’s not do the bubble thing with a straw anymore. This excellent machine helps you get the right bubbles you need without having to mix various soaps just to acquire the right color you need.

These machines are lightweight in nature making it easy to carry around and pack whenever you are moving out. It is a great machine that works well during the warm weather and will definitely work on any other condition if the solution used isn’t too watered. The watered solution will freeze easily as soon as it hits the air. It’s a fantastic little machine that can last for years with good maintenance.

The construction of the body is made of light plastic, and feels like one good drop can make it leak. That is why it is important to handle the machine carefully. Its interior parts consist of a metal crankshaft with bubble wands. It has a blower (fan) that can be replaced whenever it wears out. It's part separate quickly and can be assembled quickly as well. It has a good reservoir enough to serve you for hours especially if you are using it for commercial purposes such as DJ. The long hours are enough to attract a child, party group or fans

Where is Khmer Cloud Applicable?

Weddings, kids parties, picnic events and holiday vacations make Khmer the right tool to carry. Make some few bubbles for your new wedded wife during your honeymoon and lay back to watch how they flow gently into the sky. This makes you relaxed and contented. You also get to make your moments memorable. Kids are also another way to use the Khmer cloud machine. Buy one and let them enjoy making those bubbles and freeing them to the sky especially during your picnics or when they are playing. Kids getting dirty when making bubbles is a thing of the past. Who said this tool can’t be used during adult parties? Well, if you love partying, you should realize that most parties involve the idea of colors. Bring something fun and new to people into the room and let them know you are some steps ahead. I am sure the Khmer cloud machine won’t disappoint.