About us

Are you planning an outdoor party and looking for some way to amaze your guests? Well, why not fill the sky above them with clouds ? This is not magic! With our cloud making machines you can create clouds of any size and shape and set it all free in the air. Surprise the one you love with tens of clouds of their favorite shapes and symbols. Entertain your kids and those of your guests by making them create their own clouds with a single gesture of their hands. Our cloud making machines can bring all this cloud-making fun right into your backyard or patio.

Who We Are

Khmer cloud is a newly founded organization with aims toward the future. Our mission is to fill the sky above your house with flying bubbles in your favorite shape and size, to add fun and glamour to your event. Even if we are based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but we believe that we can reach any sky in the world.

We are committed to give our customers creative ideas to celebrate their special events. We have shapes to fit any type of celebrations: birthday, wedding, and causal dinner parties. And, if by any chance your favorite cloud shape or size is not available in stock, we will design it specifically for you.

How we Make our Clouds

We use a proprietary surfactant (soap) and light gasses like Helium to produce our clouds. Our clouds are 100% environment friendly. The process of cloud making is simple, yet very effective. The cloud making machine compresses the air and mixes it with the foaming liquid to form what looks like a thick mass of bubbles. When this mass is cut from the machine it floats smoothly to the sky. The air inside the micro-bubbles expands to allow the mass to fly and remain intact. Khmer clouds are so well-formed that they can last for quite a long time. Depending on your preferences, our clouds can last from a few minutes to an hour or even more. The life expectancy of the cloud depends on the formulas added to the foaming liquid on one's hand, and on the weather conditions as well. The direction and the speed of the wind can interfere with the life span of the cloud.
Our team of technicians are specially trained to place the cloud making machine in your patio or backyard to allow the clouds to fly higher and last longer. The wind current interferes with the trajectory of the cloud, but the good part of it is that Khmer clouds are designed in such a way as to remain visible even when they are hundreds of feet up in the sky. If you want to add more color to your event, we can dye our product upon request. Colors add a great atmosphere to the event to match the mood of celebration.
If you are planning an outdoor party and want to surprise your guests, give us a call and we will be in charge.