Product Introduction

Khmer Cloud machine by definition, is a machine capable of artificial clouds. Cloud machine is a special helium through a special foaming device, there is a combination of numerous small helium bubbles into various shapes of artificial clouds is due to the helium is lighter than air, so the man can gently toward the sky clouds over time prolonged rupture of bubbles constantly and eventually disappeared in the clouds the air, able to build cloud machine produced a variety of shapes, a variety of colors clouds. Clouds shapes can be designed according to a different pattern shape slogan or logo. These different shape freedom flag flying in the sky, like the colorful clouds in general. And each flower "clouds" can float in the air hundreds of meters high and several kilometers away (also can be controlled at 30-40 meters above the ground), and will be in 20 self volatile after 60 minutes, will not cause any pollution to the air. It would render the business environment, attract attention, promotional tool merchandise.

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